Block Headwear

Block Headwear


Established in May 2000 in New York, Block Headwear was aiming to fill an important niche in the accessory market with a unique take on men’s hats.

BLOCK HEADWEAR LOGOBlock Headwear outer B Woven Label286Blue named the brand, created the logo & graphic identity, and produced the initial website & catalogues for the first five years, ahead of the company’s acquisition by a larger corporation who wanted to buy into the strong brand that had established itself in stores such as Fred Segal, Nordstroms, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters, Beams, and many others globally, and was worn by celebrities (on and off duty) such as, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith.

Block Headwear Catalogue SS03Block, the name, is all about headwear & it’s location. A New York city block of course, and a hat-block: the name given to the piece of carved wood that hats are moulded around with steam to give their shape (they are “blocked”). The strong simple logo echoes the piece of wood that is used to produce the hats – an uncomplicated graphic that proved instantly recognisable in it’s simplicity and has endured for over a decade to date.

Block Headwear TrilbiesTo target the menswear market, 286Blue utilised a modern, masculine font that referenced varsity sports, and a clean & simple black & white scheme was used for the logo, swing-tags, and labelling. 286Blue created the artwork for the catalogue line-sheets (look-books) distributed to buyers and press, and graphics for advertising.

Block Headwear Inner Woven Label


286Blue assisted in the crafting of press releases and copy for other promotional materials to promote the brand across the UK, Europe, Japan, and the USA.

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