Vox Pop

For a new political party that wants to remove the need for MPs and put the public in charge of government, 286Blue named the new political party Vox Pop to put “The Voice of The People” front and centre.

Clean & simple graphics, with halftone pop art by Art & Hue, were used on the website, the launch video, and across all social networks.

A simple palette of patriotic red & blue was used to produce an instantly identifiable brand that crosses traditionally colour-coded party boundaries.

The website is responsive, which means the layout adjusts to the size of the device the blog is viewed on, to look good on all screens, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops.



286Blue created the campaign launch video for the new political party to share the manifesto in a quick 3 minute burst on social media.

286Blue created the graphics, using artwork by Art & Hue, and music for the project.